Industrial and R&D Properties

Industrial properties include manufacturing, distributing, and warehousing facilities; single- or multi-tenant use. R&D facilities generally encompass low-rise masonry or tilt-up structures, either as individual buildings or multiple facilities in a campus environment.



Levi Strauss Distribution Center Portfolio (1,654,000 sf) NV and KY

Copley Industrial LP Portfolio (5.9M SF, 91 buildings) CA

AmberJack Portfolio (549,000 SF, 12 buildings) TX

Principal Portfolio (1.7M SF, 14 buildings) – CA, TX

Birtcher Portfolio (960,000 SF, 21 buildings) – IL, MN, UT, WA, WI

North Carolina Portfolio (523,000 SF, 6 buildings) – NC

Kansas City Industrial Portfolio (336,000 SF, 4 buildings) KS

Sony Distribution Facility (394,000 SF, 1 building) CA

San Juan Airport Industrial Park (237,000 SF, 16 buildings) CA

Southwide Industrial Park (335,000 SF, 3 buildings) TN

Park Mira Loma (398,000 SF, 1 building) CA

Fujitsu Business Park (325,000 SF, 2 buildings) OR

Ardenwood Corporate Commons (148,000 SF, 3 buildings) CA

550 Ann Page Road (1.5M SF, 5 buildings) NY

533 W. Foothill Blvd. (50,000-SF manufacturing/distrib.) CA

Boeing Sunnyvale Campus (460,000-SF R&D) CA

Hickory Ridge Industrial Park (205,000 SF, 1 building) MD

Winton Industrial Center (834,000 SF, 5 buildings) CA

Fairfield Industrial Park (174,000 SF, 8 buildings) NJ

Sara Lee Knit Products Building (628,000 SF, 1 building) VA

Actel Campus (136,000 SF, 3 R&D buildings) CA

8305 SE 58th Avenue (697,000 SF, 3 buildings) FL



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