Commercial Building Inspectors


Commercial building inspectors are an important part of due diligence.

Basically the inspection is a formal evaluation about a property and the characteristics of it which we check with the pre assigned standards. The commercial building inspection which includes architectural inspection, environmental inspection and other mandatory test will be done.

The buildings map should be produced to perform the architecture test which is very important. The test which has the following things that has to be checked and they are:


  • Foundation plan
  • Floor plan
  • Exterior view
  • Electrical plans
  • Plumbing plans
  • HVAC plans
  • Roof plans
  • Site plan
  • Framing plan

Beyond all these checks the commercial building plans has to be verified and should be checked thoroughly in order to evaluate the interior design of the building. Because when you’re interior and exterior designs are at its best you can easily gain the attention of the buyer which will help get your property sold quickly.If the inspector finds a problem in the property it doesn’t mean that you have to back from the agreement just analyze the criticality of the problem and if you get to know well in advance you can think of the remedial measures that has to be taken.  So if you think that you can’t afford cost of the repair and the cost of the property then you should find another property to invest in.

So if the report satisfies you completely then you can go with buying the propertywith full peace of mind. The commercial property inspection helps for the buyer and the seller to know about the property so you can keep the findings for your reference.  Now a day’s property inspection is in forefront of the technology. The very main objective of the property inspection is to save the life and loss of your property. Generally the inspections are carried out in various levels of building technicalities such as roofing, siding, additions, decks, fencing. The cost of the inspection usually starts around $500. Many think that property inspection is an expense but actually it is an investment.  On the internet you can find the permissions that have to be obtained, plan reviews, site developments.

So you can get to know about the importance of the commercial property inspection. Be safe have an inspection performed on any property you are thinking about buying. Be sure you are making the right investment with your hard earned money.




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