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Property Condition Assessments, LLC (PCA) is a national architectural and engineering consulting firm operating out of its headquarters office in Valencia, California, as well as from regional offices in Maryland, Georgia, Kansas, Texas, Florida, Illinois, San Francisco, D.C., and Washington. Our senior-level professionals deliver over 20 years of multidisciplined experience to the commercial real estate marketplace. PCA has the technical expertise as well as the industry knowledge to efficiently and cost-effectively meet the needs of private and institutional investors, lenders, and other real estate professionals.

PCA’s sole focus is providing value-added architectural and engineering due diligence services. By combining its technical expertise with real estate and finance backgrounds, PCA has the knowledge, perspective, and capabilities to deploy the appropriate resources to ensure that our clients’ needs are not only met, but exceeded.

PCA’s staff possesses an in-depth understanding of the impact that building system evaluations have on real estate transactions.

Market Perspective

Commercial real estate markets are experiencing rapid change. Intense competition, compressed market cycles, and the expanding global marketplace are forcing industry participants to reassess their operational and investment strategies. Consequently, real estate professionals have never been more in need of trusting relationships and reliable information.

Forward-thinking organizations recognize that their maximum operational efficiencies will be achieved by focusing their internal efforts on their core strengths and by strategically partnering with those specialists that add value to their investment objectives. It is specifically these partnerships, within a value chain of services, that help distinguish industry leaders from mere participants.

PCA has the industry perspective, technical expertise, and technological infrastructure to partner that leadership position.


Realizing the vision of being the market leader in due diligence services demands that all those who comprise PCA be dedicated to the fine art of producing quality. In the business world, this vision is often translated as meaning a revenue-based leader. At PCA, our ideal is more closely associated with people taking pride in what they do and how they do it. By recruiting high-caliber professionals, investing in ongoing technological improvements, and providing accurate, yet concise assessments in a feasible time frame, PCA is a value-enhancing company dedicated to client needs and endeavors.

PCA’s multidisciplined teams of professionals are committed to the belief that we are partners with our clients and their processes of wise investing and careful decision making. This viewpoint is thus consistent with PCA’s choosing to compete not solely on price proposed, but on value provided.

To be the due diligence industry leader means moving beyond technical spheres of influence to market-based knowledge and perspective.

Mission Statement

PCA strives to set the industry standard by consistantly providing high- quality architectural and engineering due diligence consulting services. This objective is accomplished by:

Customer Service PCA providing the most user-friendly and customer-service-oriented consulting services possible—services aimed toward not only meeting, but exceeding, client expectations.
Human Resources  PCA growing by continuing to add the highest-caliber professionals available. These individuals are provided with the tools necessary to be successful—employees are PCA’s most valuable resource.  
Technology PCA maintaining a constant focus on technological superiority. Researching, developing, and adopting state-of-the-art equipment and applications allow the firm to serve its clients as effectively as possible.  
Quality of Life PCA recognizing that there is more to life than work. Employees are encouraged to seek a balance between professional and personal objectives.




















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